• Please be sure you have the updated version of the HelloTalk App.
  • Please do your self-test and send the screenshot to this group chat before the trial class.
  • Please book a suitable time with the teacher.
  • Please choose a topic to practice with your teacher.
  • Please show up on time.
  • You can choose Zoom or Teach function on Hellotalk.

For regular class

  • Please contact Irene for more details.
  • How many classes and minutes will you renew with the teacher?
  • Irene will invite you to make a payment and get the gifts.
  • Please confirm the topic that you want to practice with your teacher and tell  Irene.
  • Please confirm all the group notices with your teacher. Your teacher will send the preview lesson to you 2-3 days before your class.
  • Irene will open a private classroom for you later.


  • Your teacher will post the preview lesson three days before the live class.
  • Your teacher will send the lesson to the students and record audios.
  • Please be sure to watch for messages your teacher and reply with your homework.
  • Step 1: Your teacher will send a reminder message to the students about 5 minutes before the class begins.
  • Step 2: The teacher and students will attend class together.  


See what people are saying

I’ve been taking lessons with Javier for many months now. I initially signed up to prepare for a trip but enjoyed my lessons so much I have made it a weekly thing. Javier is helpful, positive, extremely patient, and fun! It’s invaluable to be able to get one-on-one help from an insider that knows both informal and business Spanish. He goes the extra mile and is a real gem. We can focus on the things I struggle with and Javier makes a special effort to help me practice those items so I get repetition. And he also helps me understand the Mexican slang words or phrases that are hard to find translations for. I definitely recommend taking lessons with Javier, my Spanish has improved leaps and bounds in the months I’ve been taking lessons with him!

Jennie, USA

I’m a Filipino-American with 7 years of living experience in Japan. I have taken a few trial lessons in the past through various websites and apps. I have also taken trial in-person lessons while living in Japan and at my community college in California. Suumin Sensei’s teaching method has been the most effective for me thus far. She combines the perfect balance of speaking, listening, reading, and vocabulary, and grammar all while being practical and interesting. She writes down all the sentences you want to say correctly, and corrects your Japanese sentences when you make mistakes. She lets you practice certain points you want to focus on and goes at your pace. If you preview her lessons and review what you study with her, you will definitely improve your Japanese steadily and surely. I highly recommend Suumin Sensei and hope to study under her for a long time.

John, USA

Teacher Sky is a very nice, warm-hearted and easy-going guy. His accent is great and can be easily understood. It is very relaxing to have a class with him.

Jing Jiang, China

Miss Jennie is very kind and patient when she teaches. She helps me feel comfortable and relaxed during our classes, so I feel like I absorb the material much better! I’m looking forward to my progress in my Korean language skill

Amenda, USA

Ayako-San is my Japanese teacher on the Hello talk app. Serious and responsible, rich and interesting classroom teaching content, able to use simple examples in daily life to explain some proper nouns and concepts in the course, so as to make the classroom atmosphere active and the course content simple and easy to learn.

Rui, China