One of a Japanese events called Setsubun

Setsubun is the event held to pray for our happy and healthy life. It is held on Feb 3rd or 4th. On that day, we throw away beans with saying “Devils out! Happiness in!” This is called “Mame-maki” (Mame means beans, maki means throwing away.) And people eat beans as numbers as their age. Also, we eat “Ehoumaki” which is a thick sushi roll. We enjoy eating it with our family!

節分とは、健康や幸福を願うイベントのことです。 2月3日もしくは4日が、節分の日にあたります。 その日は、『鬼は外、福は内』と言いながら、豆まきを行います。 豆まきと呼ばれ、Mameは豆、makiはまき散らすことを意味します。 また、恵方巻という巻きずしを食べるという風習もあります。 恵方巻を毎年家族と楽しく食べます!

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