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Hey everyone I’m Robbie! I have been teaching online ESL since 2018. I have a professional medical background of 5 years. I’m currently helping young adults achieve their goals in not only English but in their professional careers as a mentor. I love to help people achieve their goals and show them their potential. I feel mentoring is my career because I love seeing others succeed and that’s the best thing to see every day. I would love to help you reach your goals.

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I am Danbi from Korea. I graduated from Seoul national university with a major in education. Because I majored in education and work as a homeschooling teacher, I have a lot of experience in teaching! Also, my longtime dream is to promote the Korean language and culture to foreigners, so I have taught Korean on my youtube channel danbi_KOREAN CLASS and made many Korean language contents! I hope we can have wonderful classes together and I want to improve your Korean skills!

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Hello! My name is Samantha, but people call me Sam. Although I was born and educated in South Africa, I was fortunate enough to get to travel and live abroad in the USA and the UK for over 12 years when I had finished university. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Human Movement Science, an Honours degree in Marketing, and Post Graduate Certificate in Education as well as a TEFL qualification.

I started my teaching career in London, where I taught for a number of years, before immigrating to South Africa. It is here where I taught in a prestigious independent school for the last 10 years. My experience of teaching children is of a huge benefit to all my students, both young and old as it allows me to break down a lesson so that I can help you to set and achieve your English speaking and writing goals.

I love inspiring students to be themselves, to find a strategy that works for them when learning new languages and concepts. I love getting to know the students that I teach and then tailoring my lessons to include their interests and passions so that they feel that they are a real part of their own learning journey.

I look forward to meeting you as we learn together in my classes.

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Hello, my name is Maureen Bekker and I am from South Africa. I am currently finishing my BA degree in Creative Writing – English Language and Literature. I also have numerous certificates in digital creativity. I love language and I plan on doing an honors degree in Applied Linguistics.

I have 4 years of teaching experience in total – I have taught in person and online. In-person for 1 year with children ages 6-12 and for another year I taught photography to high school students. For two years I’ve been teaching online with children and adults. And I love it!

I can’t wait to see you in class!


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Teaching has been a passion of mine since I was young. Both my parents were teachers and I developed
a desire to follow in their footsteps. So by teaching, I am fulfilling my dream of helping people from
other cultures achieve their English and professional goals. I am a caring, passionate and highly-skilled
teacher who has successfully taught thousands of students. If you want to succeed, I can help you get there. 大家加油。

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Hello. My name is Cheney and I am from South Africa. I am TEFL certified and have a Bachelor of Education Degree. I teach English and am very passionate about teaching and would love to share that with you. I have 8+ years of teaching experience. You can expect fun and engaging lessons with me and I look forward to seeing you in class, in which lots of time is spent on improving your speaking skills. I look forward to seeing you in class.

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Hello! I’m a qualified Japanese teacher from Tokyo. I currently living in Tokyo, but originally from Hyogo prefecture in Kansai.

I like watching movies and animations, more particularly Studio Ghibli films. I’ve watched them many times that I can remember the lines already.

I work for a Japanese manufacturing company. Since I’ve had a long experience as an office worker, I can teach Japanese by assuming specific situations, such as business etiquette, writing emails, and effective communication with your boss and colleagues. I welcome you to talk a lot in my class and make mistakes and learn from them.

I’m looking forward to seeing you in class.

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Hello everyone, I’m Yukiko from Japan. I live in Tokyo. I would love to learn Japanese with you together at your own pace. Feel free to ask me anything. See you soon in the class.
Hobbies: Yoga, Language learning, Traveling.

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