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Hina doll festival

We are preparing one of the Japanese festivals called Hima Matsuri in Japanese. It is for girls, we wish their health and happiness by decorating a specific doll. Also, we eat special dishes like sushi, cakes and more on March 3rd. I wish all girls will be happy on that day!3月3日にひな祭りのお祝いをします。 ひな人形を飾り、女の子の健康と幸せを祈ります。 寿司屋ケーキの御馳走も食べます。 全ての女の子へ、いい日になりますように!

One of a Japanese events called Setsubun

Setsubun is the event held to pray for our happy and healthy life. It is held on Feb 3rd or 4th. On that day, we throw away beans with saying “Devils out! Happiness in!” This is called “Mame-maki” (Mame means beans, maki means throwing away.) And people eat beans as numbers as their age. Also, […]