Hello, Guys

Let me ask you something. Why do you study Korean? I’ve been studying English is because I want to communicate with many people, and it is my passion to experience various cultures. How about you? What is your motivation?

The reason why I asked this is that I hope you will keep reminding your motivation when you study Korean. As you know, the sentence order in Korean is different from many languages. When you study Korean, the most important thing is that you don’t give up and do it steadily. I will encourage you not to lose motivation.

My teaching style will not be boring. I will help you study as fun as possible. Also, I don’t like the study style of just sitting and memorizing. I will teach you phrases that Koreans use a lot so that you can talk to Koreans. 

Then, I look forward to meeting you in my class.




About me

– I’m living in Korea.

– I studied Korean literature and tourism management.

– I’ve been working as a flight attendant for 7 years.

– I’m a travel lover, and I have lived in New York and the Gold Coast.  

– I have experience volunteering in Myanmar.

– I’m a coffee addict.

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