Hello! My name is Samantha, but people call me Sam. Although I was born and educated in South Africa, I was fortunate enough to get to travel and live abroad in the USA and the UK for over 12 years when I had finished university. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Sport and Human Movement Science, an Honours degree in Marketing, and Post Graduate Certificate in Education as well as a TEFL qualification.

I started my teaching career in London, where I taught for a number of years, before immigrating to South Africa. It is here where I taught in a prestigious independent school for the last 10 years. My experience of teaching children is of a huge benefit to all my students, both young and old as it allows me to break down a lesson so that I can help you to set and achieve your English speaking and writing goals.

I love inspiring students to be themselves, to find a strategy that works for them when learning new languages and concepts. I love getting to know the students that I teach and then tailoring my lessons to include their interests and passions so that they feel that they are a real part of their own learning journey.

I look forward to meeting you as we learn together in my classes.