Hello everyone, I’m Seiko. I’m a qualified Japanese teacher from Kyoto, Japan. I have 3 years of teaching experience as a professional teacher, and also have taught as a volunteer teacher for over 20 years. I speak English and Chinese. I also have a lot of experience of learning foreign languages, so I can see problems from the learner’s perspective. I also have long experience working in the business field, so I can teach business Japanese too.

我来自日本京都. 身为有资格的职业老师我有3年的经历. 还有从20多年前开始作为志愿老师教过很多学生. 我会说英文与中文,因为我自己也有很长时间学习外语的经验,所以了解学外语的烦恼,会体贴学生来教课. 教日文以外也有在贸易跟金融领域工作的经验,因此商務日文也是我的专攻哦!


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