• Nationality: French
  • Gender: Male
  • Education: various masters : 1 political science , international relations and diplomacy , 2 Public International Law , 3 humanitarian law and law of war , 4 external action of the european union
  • My lessons & teaching style:
    1. Phonetics; Developing a firm basis of French pronunciation.
    2. Reading/literature – choosing a classic style French book to strengthen phonetics and to also strengthen the ability for students to identify sounds attached to letters in French.
    3. Oral practice through short discussions – lessons feature a freestyle discussion in French which uses every day words to build conversation in French.
    4. Fun literature exercises that build and test students in vocabulary and use of grammar.
    5 . Of course all this in collaboration with the student enhances his abilities and augments his rhythm.
    6. So in view of my experience with students who just want conversation, we could treat different themes in order to enrich their vocabularies and feed their curiosity about French culture.